Round-the-clock security of supply:

A complex task,
expertly managed

Wiener Stadtwerke bears a great responsibility, because it is all about the essentials. Our mission is to provide goods and services that are indispensable for our existence as human beings. Our task is simple: to enable everyone who lives in our city to access the essentials they need to get by – that means all citizens, all small and large businesses, industrial companies, organisations, and public institutions. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. With the help of our 16,000 employees, we ensure that the heating stays on and the water is kept warm, that the electricity comes out of the socket uninterrupted, that the public transport system gets passengers from A to B quickly, on time and safely, and that those in cars can find a parking space. In a nutshell: that everything that makes the heart of a city beat works seamlessly.

This provision of public services is a special duty. It has considerable social significance. There are no two ways about it: security and reliability are paramount. But our responsibility does not stop there. The demands and expectations placed on us are higher. And rightly so. Our services don’t just need to be secure – they also need to be fit for the future. And this is only possible if they help to progress the climate revolution in our city one step further every day. We bear a responsibility for ensuring a noticeable reduction in Vienna’s ecological footprint. For this reason, we ensure that we provide energy in a reliable way, while also making sure that it will soon come entirely from renewable sources. Likewise, we keep buses and rail services running reliably – and equip them with climate-friendly propulsion technologies. Wiener Stadtwerke is not just a modern infrastructure service provider, but also plays the largest role in terms of climate protection in Vienna and the surrounding area. Without us, Vienna cannot reach climate neutrality by 2040. The tasks we face in this regard are complex. But we will find the right solutions.

Two Wiener Linien trams cross an intersection.

Wiener Linien
takes 2 million passengers to their destinations every day in an environmentally friendly way.

Euro 300m

per year go into maintaining, modernising and expanding Vienna’s energy grids.

View of Vienna from above in the twilight.

We create security of supply for two million people.

EUR 7.1bn

is being invested in climate-friendly projects by the Wiener Stadtwerke Group between 2023 and 2027.

Several companies, several tasks, one common goal

Electricity, heating and cooling, mobility, internet and IT, housing, funeral services and cemeteries: every day, we ensure that the citizens of Vienna are well provided for across these diverse areas. People are at the heart of everything we do. Because they are not only our customers, but also our owners. We are owned in our entirety by the City of Vienna. And that also means that our company has millions of owners – the citizens of our city. In our dealings with them, we feel particularly committed to the values of integrity, reliability, transparency and a sense of responsibility.

We face up to our duties as a strong, united group. Our Group is made up of around 50 large and small companies that share a common goal: to be the high-performing, one-stop provider of Vienna’s infrastructure services. This is why we are strengthening collaborations, using synergies within the Group and optimising our processes and efficiency accordingly. The companies within our Group carry out their tasks shoulder-to-shoulder with expertise and passion. For them, it simply goes without saying.

We are enabling the climate revolution

We are the City of Vienna’s essential partner in making urban strategies and programmes a reality. Most importantly, we are making a tangible, measurable and indispensable contribution to the successful implementation of the city’s Smart Climate City strategy. By leveraging our core competencies, our business areas and our services, we are playing a significant role in two fundamental areas of the Smart Climate City strategy in particular: in delivering a demand-oriented, secure, affordable, environmentally compatible energy supply and in providing climate-friendly mobility. Wiener Stadtwerke is the initiator and the designer in these areas. We know how to further enhance the high quality of life in our city, and how to do so in a very practical way. There is no question about it: our company has major, effective tools at its disposal for achieving ambitious goals and making Vienna climate neutral by 2040.

We rely on solid finances

We can only meet the demands placed on Wiener Stadtwerke – and achieve the goals we set ourselves – if we secure our Group’s solid financial foundation in the long term. Stable finances are the prerequisite for any investment, be it in security of supply, sustainable mobility, climate protection, innovations or attractive jobs. We want to help shape Vienna’s path towards becoming a sustainable metropolitan region, and we believe that this requires a financial roadmap that is itself sustainable. Responsible business activity is one of our core corporate values.

We are prudent

Wiener Stadtwerke is a publicly owned company. Therefore, we see transparency as an absolute necessity. We ensure that our owner, our supervisory bodies and the public have insight into our economic activities through clearly defined and comprehensible processes and structures. An internal control system ensures early detection of potential sources for risks and failures in business processes that could have negative economic, environmental and societal consequences. Regular audits ensure that the principles of profitability, purpose, security and correctness are observed in all work processes.

We also regularly evaluate and develop our Group-wide Compliance Management System (CMS), and its effectiveness is subject to independent audits at defined intervals. The Management Board and Supervisory Board receive written compliance reports, as well as verbal reports on a case-by-case basis as required. A Group-wide whistleblowing system has been set up and is used by employees, customers and suppliers.

The com­pa­ny’s equity

rose by 2% to EUR 7.8bn.

View of houses and church towers in Vienna.

Effective tools, ambitious goals:
Wiener Stadtwerke is there for the people of Vienna 24/7.

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