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Wiener Stadtwerke’s task is clear: we are building the city of the future – a city where everyone can live well without the environment or future generations having to pay the price. Creativity, expertise and innovation are fundamental to making this Smart City a reality. Smart technologies enable administration, mobility, accommodation and living all to be designed in more sustainable and more intelligent ways. These smart technologies have a valuable role to play in ensuring the quality of life in our city. We know: digitalisation isn’t everything. However, it helps us come that bit closer to achieving our goal of a city of the future, and we make sure to use digital technology in a responsible and consistent manner. We are taking all that digitalisation has to offer and are applying it, to the maximum benefit of the people of Vienna.

WienIT makes it possible

WienIT is leading our Group companies into this sustainable, better future. This is where we find the experts, whose work is the beating heart of our company. They make sure that Vienna always keeps up with the latest innovations or, even better, is a few steps ahead. This focus on innovation brings internal benefits for Wiener Stadtwerke: our IT systems are set up and equipped in such a way that we have optimal control over our processes and can collaborate flexibly across different locations. And our customers can also enjoy the concrete benefits of digitalisation, as is proven by logwien.

logwien – the digital master key

In 2021, WienIT was a key partner in implementing and developing logwien, a digital key that opens a whole host of doors all at once. Once logged in, Wiener Stadtwerke customers can, for example, buy tickets for public transport, submit electricity meter readings, change their energy tariff and book appointments for services and advice. Although not all of Wiener Stadtwerke’s Group companies and regional partners are set up in logwien, the range of services is gradually being expanded. This new way to access our online services is convenient and saves time. And it is secure. Wiener Stadtwerke Group is an operator of critical infrastructure and as such it places the utmost importance on ensuring that sensitive data and information is handled in a secure and cautious manner. We are proud that our customers put their trust in us.

A middle-aged businesswoman is standing side-on near the Wiener Netze workshops and is typing on a laptop. In the background, we see employees in work clothes and machines. C: Severin Wurnig

In-house expertise
Thanks to the many specialists at WienIT, Wiener Stadtwerke is particularly well-placed to build the city of the future.

The website of the logwien portal is shown on an opened laptop. C: Wiener Stadtwerke

The digital key

logwien lets our customers buy public transport tickets, book appointments for advice, and access many other services online, and the range is being expanded all the time.

Innovation works.

“We take a cautious approach, particularly when in direct contact with people and when dealing with data – people are our utmost concern.”

Mag. Dr. Martin Krajcsir
Chief Executive Officer

Ethical certification for our AI

We know that while digitalisation and artificial intelligence (AI) present opportunities, they also entail risks. AI can help to make Wiener Stadtwerke’s multifaceted operations quicker and more efficient, and there is great potential here. However, it is also clear that computer systems that make decisions autonomously must not be left to work unsupervised – especially when this involves direct contact with people and their data. Strict, binding and effective regulations are indispensable. For this reason, when developing the software that is used to evaluate requests from our customers, Wiener Stadtwerke has looked to international experts. Our program is certified according to the specifications of the Ethics Certification Program for Autonomous and Intelligent Systems (ECPAIS). The purpose of the ECPAIS is to ensure transparency, privacy and more, and it has been developed by the IEEE SA (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Standards Association). The IEEE SA has more than 400,000 members and is present in over 160 countries.

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